Gunners & Ali for Breakfast

Catch the Coast Crew weekday mornings from 6am to 10am.


Name: Gunners

About Yourself: They’ve given me 50 words to say something about myself (that’s 10 down), I like collecting sticks, pizza box platting, rock stacking, climbing ropes and making words out of consonants. How many words is that…(crap, keep talking), and I think that world peace although a nice thought is essentially unachievable. That’s gotta be 50 words surely…

Favourite Music/Artists: I have favourite songs as opposed to favourite bands. Energy 52, Spoonman, Infinity, Vasoline, La Grange and others I can’t think of at the moment.

Favourite Movies: Matrix, umm…., Jason Bourne Trilogy was good.

Favourite Food: Italian, Chinese, Chicken, Tuna and Steak!

Favourite Fictional Character: Don’t have one. OK, how about SuperDeluxeNeonFlyingandInvisoMan.

Hobbies: Fishing, music, blowing things up, playing with volatile chemicals.

Who would you take to dinner and why: Just one?!? Stuff that, I’m having a dinner party. I’d invite Ricky Gervais, Jesus, Bruce Lee, Ghandi, Heston Blumenthal (he’s cooking), Howard Hughes, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci. Queen Boudicea. Mainly dead people, because they’re more interesting.

 Name: Ali

About Yourself: Ali has been a mainstay of the local entertainment community for more than 10 years, so joining The Coast Crew in 2009 was a dream come true, and has opened Ali’s eyes to a whole new world, literally – the world before sunrise. Who knew that the crack of dawn was a real thing?

Favourite Music/Artists: Alanis, Missy, David Bowie, Tin Pan Orange, Bon Jovi, Janis Joplin, Carole King, Missy Higgins, Pink… I could go on and on.

Favourite Movies: Shawshank Redemption, Remember the Titans, Pulp Fiction, Notting Hill, Pretty Woman or basically anything with Julia Roberts.

Favourite Food: My mums roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings.

Favourite Fictional Character: Sloth from the Goonies …”baby ruuuth”.

Hobbies: Singing, acting, playing guitar, music music music.

Who would you take to dinner and why: Bradley Cooper… Um, to chat with. *shifty eyes.


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