The ram-raid scene. PIC: Scott Cunningham/Nine News
The ram-raid scene. PIC: Scott Cunningham/Nine News

Men charged for assaulting would-be thief at Greenfields business

A Greenfields business owner and his son have been charged over the alleged assault of a would-be thief.

The man allegedly attempted to ram raid the Mower Magic store on Rouse Road with a stolen Isuzu ute around 7.20pm on April 3.

He then loaded a number of items into the ute.

During the incident the 38-year-old man was detained by the business owner and his son.

Police allege the men used excessive force to detain him, causing the man to receive serious injuries.

The alleged thief was taken to Peel Health Campus under a priority with head injuries before being transferred to Royal Perth Hospital.

The 49 and 29-year-old men from Stake Hill have jointly been charged with one count of grievous bodily harm.

They will appear in the Mandurah Magistrates Court on July 1.

A WA Police spokesperson said the injured man has recently been released from hospital.

Inquiries into why the man was at the business and his link to the stolen vehicle are now continuing.


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  1. What are people supposed to do. I’ve just been through the court system chasing bad debtors and people that have stolen/damaged our property. Its frustrating and fruitless. If the societal systems (court/police/enforcement agencies) don’t look after people, of course they will take matters into their own hands. I’ve completely abided by the law and the court system and its bought me nothing but pain and frustration. Common politicians, start at the base level – speak to some victims of crime or criminal non-payment and see how frustrating it is – then work to correct our broken system to bring some consequence to these people so others won’t have to.

  2. That is crap i would have done the same as the father and son. So they should have let him load up the ute and drive away with all their hardwork? what the hell is this world coming too!!!

  3. WTF_ if you are going to break into some ones house or business, then expect to be hurt if you are caught…. if I was faced with a man with a balaclava in my business in the dark, then I’d defend myself with force too.
    Charge the thief not the victims.

  4. That is disgusting! If this was the US you’re within your rights to shoot the thief dead. This poor guy has worked his arse of for years to build a business and a thief trashes his premises and steals from him and he’s being charged. Mandurah police you suck!,,,,

  5. To all friends, followers and supporters of Pat and Shane Fisher-the Mandurah victims of the Greenfields Mower Magic break and enter on April 3rd.
    As many of you may already know, both Pat and Shane have now been charged, enough to alter both their own, and their families life drastically.
    If you have followed this story, you know that they were defending their own property at the time and acted to the best of their abilities and judgement to protect what was truly their own, hard earned livelihood.
    This is a call to any and all locals, loved ones and compassionate supporters and followers to come and show support outside Mandurah Magistrates courts on the 1st of July from 8:30am.
    If you believe that we have the right to defend our own property, valuables, and right to earn an honest livelihood against intruders.
    If you believe that there was only one catalyst, one person, one intruder’s choice, for events to unfold as they have.
    If you would want the same support, had a criminal unlawfully destroyed your business or home or threatened your families livelihood or safety.
    If you’re reading this with compassionate appreciation for the family involved, and would like the opportunity to take action and make a difference….
    Make yourself a part of the support outside the Mandurah Magistrates courthouse 1st of July, 8.30am and have an impact on not only the family and friends of The Fisher family, but possibly the outcome of the case.
    Do your part in upholding fair and local justice.
    Enormous appreciation and thankyou in advance, see you there.

  6. We have become a society where our justice system protects the criminal and not the victims. If he hadn’t been there causing thousands of dollars damage he wouldn’t be injured. So if someone breaks into my house to cause my family harm or grief I am to welcome them with open arms.

  7. Why should the business owner and his son be punished for trying to protect what they work so hard for? The miscreant in the stolen ute is lucky to end up the way he did and not worse. He should not have been there in the first place. I hope the law is not protecting this type of low life and I hope this is a lesson to others who might be contemplating this type of robbery as the public is sick of seeing these types getting away almost scott free because they are protected by some stupid law.

  8. This is an absolute joke… The moment a person with ill intent (thieves, rapists, murderers, kiddy fiddlers) enters your property, there should be a waiver of their rights to any protection of the law and full protection of those that give them what they deserve.

  9. “Inquiries into why the man was at the business and his link to the stolen vehicle are now continuing.” Are they serious ? This thieving criminal mongrel wasn’t there to help, that is glaringly apparent by the way the lowlife tore the roller door from it’s runners to gain illegal access to somebody ELSES business. Pat, you have my support, and will continue to get my business.

    You did what you had to do, and this individual should be thankful, because if I had discovered him on my premises, he would have been collected in a body bag.

  10. There is so much crime around there’s not much else you can do but protect what is yours. It’s getting too hard for police to be everywhere and the crime rate is very high. People fighting back and protecting their property might start deterring these thieves

  11. Any individual who enters another persons property should waive all rights as a human. If some misfortune should come their way, then so be it. It is not the Police’s fault. Blame lies with the thief, and only the thief. The Police have their hands tied. They know most offenders on a first name basis, and are continually frustrated by the courts. These so called judges are living in la-la land, and continue to impose the most weak wristed, slap on the hand on an hourly basis. People have had enough. Until court sentences reflect public attitudes, more people will take matters into their own hands. The excuse that our prisons are full is a cop out! Most offenders have a better life inside, than they do out. Too many do-gooders, and human rights activists see to that. It is time we put six or eight in a cell. Take away the internet access, and all the other luxuries. Make the criminals pay. Until then, be prepared to see more people act to protect their family and property! They have my full support.

  12. In this age of equal rights and fair opportunity with all the influence from society’s Do Gooder’s, those tasked with upholding our civil and moral standards seem to have their hands tied or are going soft in the head.

    A mouthpiece defending this “Alleged Theif” will tell us that he had a tough childhood, he was abused as a kid, has a drug problem, is a victim of domestic violence, he has suffered enough and it wasn’t his fault, poor him! The bottom line here is that he has committed a pre-meditated crime, he forced entry into a business premises and loaded goods and property that did not belong to him into a stolen vehicle, with every intention to on sell for personal profit no doubt. This was his free choice and he got caught!

    To sincerely put this back into proportion here, these business owners were protecting their hard earned livelihood, their life time investment, their years of risk, stress and worry, and their future.

    This “Alleged Thief”, that was caught red handed is the scum of the earth, a bottom feeder and a parasite. He is a very lucky scum bag who has actually got off lightly so far, and does not deserve to remain “in our society”.

    You Blokes haves my full support, I hope common sense prevails on July 1st.

  13. I agree with the outrage that our’justice system’should pursue anyone who is simply protecting His or Her’s Home or business from these lowlife thieves and worse.
    Has there been any outcome from this ridiculous charge?

  14. The police have not charged the men with defending their property but using excessive force to do so. A policeman also has to show restraint when arresting people. The response to the violation of your privacy and property by criminals cannot exceed the degree of violence perpetrated by the intruder. Though many of us would have responded similarly, we do need to recall that the emotion of anger involves a distortion of sense of justification. When angry we belive we have the belief that our actions are bona fide.

  15. maybe the police would like victims of crime to dig a hole and dispose of the criminal,,,that way the police would not have to prosecute the innocent victoms,,, the law is just a law for the poor crims

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