Lucas Yarran (left) and Leroy Smith (right). PIC: Facebook
Lucas Yarran (left) and Leroy Smith (right). PIC: Facebook

Men charged with Secret Harbour mother’s murder appear in court

Two men have appeared in court charged with the murder of a Secret Harbour mother who was dumped outside of Joondalup Health Campus.

Lucas James Yarran, 19, and Leroy Smith, 20, briefly appeared in the Joondalup Magistrates Court and were not required to plead to the charges of murder, kidnapping and armed robbery.

The court heard the men were allegedly armed with a machete and baseball bat when they entered a home in Ridgewood and kidnapped Peta Fairhead, before they stole jewellery and methamphetamine.

It is alleged they killed the 27-year-old mother-of-three a short time later, before dumping her at the front entrance of Joondalup Health Campus in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Yarran and Smith were remanded in custody to appear in court again later this month.

Police are still searching for a third man over the incident.

Peta Fairhead was dumped at Joondalup Health Campus. PIC: Facebook
Peta Fairhead was dumped at Joondalup Health Campus. PIC: Facebook


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  1. Oh well another life wasted

  2. At least they will be sentenced in an adult court. Bring back the death penalty. A life for a life

    • Well who would have thought

    • Trading a life for a life doesn’t chafe anything, it doesn’t bring the mother back, it doesn’t help with the mental issues the children are likely to sucome to in the future. If anything it’s an easy way out for the criminal, they aren’t forced to live with what they’ve done. This is just my view on the situation and my opinion agree or disagree as you wish.

      • They won’t”live with what they have done”they don’t car e.they will be our doing it again in no time

      • Death sentence is too easy and is not justice.

        Life sentence of hard labour, no parole, no cushy prison, bread and water. Broken before death, and death only after society is repaid.

        I hear that we need a trench dug between the Ord River and Perth. I’m sure there is plenty of work.

    • I agree death penalty these boys obviously had this planned they knew wat they set out to do that night and that shows intent this was no accident I feel very deeply for peta’s kids robbed of there mother someone they can not replace but I also feel for the families of these two men to know ur loved one is capable and did murder someone but karma will find them and justice will b served

    • Yep true they should ge given the death penalty

  3. this is just bs!!

  4. Trying to find the words, my sympathy Peta’s children and family and although it hard to feel sympathy for the men they have brothers, sisters and parents. so many lives changed and ruined forever over this . Drugs again.!!!!

  5. they stole meth from her, just another crackhead anyway

  6. I agree death penalty should be brought back!

  7. People say she was a drug dealer and shouldnt of been dealing drugs while having kids….. Are you serious! Drug dealer or not that’s someone’s mother, someone’s daughter a human bein with a soul what gives these two low life people the right to end her life on this planet? All for what? drugs, money and Jewlry. those kids are probably crying there little hearts out no kid should have to deal with there mum leaving them so early in life. it makes me sick to even know these people they deserve everything that’s coming for them.

  8. Dont drop the soap!

  9. Hang
    em !!!

  10. A wasted life killed by more wasted lives. Where will this shit stop? When will people learn?

  11. Bring back the death penalty but killed the same way they killed her

  12. Why are some news stories saying that her “mobile phone” was stolen and others are saying “methamphetamine”?

  13. margaret anne lennon

    Heartbreaking news for family and children left behind my heart goes out to all of the family very Very sad and so wrong should nothave happened .my condoleances to family and children .sending love and strenght to family .RIP beautiful lady.

  14. If these two get parole, there is something seriously wrong with our laws. You take a life, you are not entitled to have your life. I don’t believe in the death penalty. They should never be released from jail.

  15. You bustards….you killed my cousin. I hope you rot in hell!!

  16. Great job to the police for catching the evil 2 men and lets hope the 3rd evil one is caught to these teens deserve a life sentence they are not human they are monsters hope they rott in jail.

  17. It’s sad, I used to hang around these boys. Who would have know that either of them would of been capable of murder. I pray that they find the Lord in prison because God is the one one that can help them now. My heart goes out to the family of Peta, I’m sure she was a great women.

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