The Fishing Report

The Reel Fishing Spot with Jye Sheridan (11/05/18)

The Dawesville Cut:
•     Herring, skippy, salmon trout, salmon off the ocean end, king george whiting, tailor.
•    Best bait: prawn or squid fished on either a sinking rig for the whiting or skippy and a burley cage rig for the herring with sand worms, for the tailor a mulie under a float or unweighted depending on tidal flow and for the salmon best seems to be a live herring or mulie at the ocean end of the cut.

The Mandurah channel: 
•             Herring, salmon trout, salmon off the ocean end, yellow fin whiting, tarwhine and crabs
•    Best baits: baby mulies for the tailor, bloodworm or squid for the whiting and coral prawns are another popular bait. Live herring or mulie under a float for the salmon at the ocean end.

Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary: 
•    Tailor, herring, salmon trout, yellowfin whiting, crabs.
•    Best methods to catch them: for the tailor a smiling jack trolled slowly or a mulie unweighted thrown after dark, and for the crabs either a scoop net or mullet in a drop net

The beaches: 
•    Tims Thicket and White Hills: tailor, salmon, occasional mulloway and snapper plus sand and yellowfin whiting, tarwhine and herring. The best bait is a Fremantle scaly on a weighted rig.
•    Halls Head to Singleton: tailor, salmon, mulloway, yellowfin whiting, skippy and herring. Best bait is a Fremantle scaly on a weighted rig and for the smaller species sand worms.

Black bream: The Murray River continues to fish the best particularly upstream of the Ravenswood Bridge around Murray bend.

Western Rock Lobster:
•     still good numbers around, James Service and five fathom best spots.  
•    Best bait: hoki heads, tuna heads and blue mackerel

For the boaties: Dhufish, baldchin groper, baldchin groper, harlequin fish, break sea cod, king george, sand whiting and schools of southern blue fin tuna 
•    Best bait: squid, octopus, mullet, mulies plus plenty of burley for the snapper 

Latest Gadget: river 2 sea baby vib

Happy Fishing!

Weather in Mandurah, WA 6210
Thursday Thunder storm High 25°C Low 12°C
Friday Light rain High 17°C Low 13°C
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