Amy Shark delighted Fremantle with her shows over the weekend.

The Love Monster has been...

Queensland singer/songwriter Amy Shark played Perth on the weekend, and we happened to catch her Friday show at the Freo Arts Centre, the first of her Australian tour. 

Purple-hued lights fell on huge white letters spelling out AMY SHARK on the stage, while the excited crowd waited for their musical sweetheart to emerge.

The tiny framed singer burst onto the stage in her casual white bomber jacket and pants, sporting her iconic 'half-up bun', and shouted out, "Hello Perth, it's nice to be back... I'll be your entertainment for this evening."

And she sure was!

Amy was super excited to be in Freo and kept thanking fans for believing in her.

It took her years to break into the commercial music industry and she praised her faithful fans who have stuck by her through the journey saying, "Thank you for believing in me. I waited so long to play a venue like this... for all of you. So many people told me I couldn't do it!"

Of course, this frustration spurred Amy to pen her massive hit, Tell Them All I Said Hi, which ironically, earned her pop fame.

Amy played all the crowd favourites, including Mess Her Up, Spits on Girls, Psycho, All Loved Up, Adore and finishing the night with her biggest hit, Tell Them All I Said Hi.


Plus, she threw in a few covers, with the sold-out crowd all singing along to Wheetus’, Teenage Dirtbag.

All in all, the Shark was fabulous and we can't wait until she visits our shores once again.

Source: Instagram/AmyShark/

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