Angelina Jolie confirms she'll be back for Disney's Maleficent sequel

Jolie is set to return to the big screen as our favourite villainous fairy.


Angelina Jolie was at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado over the weekend showcasing her fourth directorial film, First They Killed My Father, when she let it slip to Deadline that she is returning to the silver screen as Disney's Maleficent.

In the original blockbuster, the thwarted fairy had found her wings and gained the love of the very Princess she set out to destroy but this time, maybe she won't be playing the villain.

Jolie said, We have been working on the script and this is going to be a really strong sequel." 

We can't wait for more word of when filming gets underway and Angelina gets her Maleficent on!

Source: Deadline/IMDB/Disney

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