Are Ed Sheeran and Courtney Cox making music together?

And we have a release date!

It’s been a week since we were gifted with Friends: The Reunion special, and since then, Ed Sheeran has been hanging out with Courtney Cox in her L.A. home. 

A few days ago, he uploaded a video of him and Cox doing the famous Gellar ‘routine’.

And now, they’re collaborating on music. Well, sort of. 

Ed posted a video to his socials of Courtney playing piano, with Ed on guitar... along with a date. June 25!

Does this mean the first song he’s going to drop features Courtney Cox on keys? 

Whatever the case, the music video best include 'The Routine'. 

This is fabulous. 

And here is 'The Routine' with Ross & Monica for direct comparison.

You're welcome. 

Source: Instagram/EdSheeran/CourtneyCox/YouTube/TBS

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