Aussie's Kate Miller-Heidke stuns at Eurovision 2019

She's straight through to the Grand Final!

Aussie’s own Kate Miller-Heidke has absolutely wowed everyone at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals, securing a spot in the Grand Final on Saturday in Israel, with her operatic song Zero Gravity.

The award-winning singer looked absolutely 'Glinda-esque' in a flowing white and pink bejeweled gown as she flew across the stage, suspended on what appeared to be a bendy stick!

In addition to Australia... Greece, Belarus, Serbia, Cyprus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Iceland, San Marino, and Slovenia also secured slots in this weekend's grand final, along with the host country (Israel) and the 'Big Five'... France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. 

Miller-Hedke thanked everyone on her Instagram for supporting, and voting her through to the Grand Final!

Listen to her vocals hit the heavens. 

Source: YouTube/eurovision/sbs/Instagram/KMH

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