Dolly Parton changes lyrics to hit song to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations

"vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vacciiiiiiiiinnnnne”

On Tuesday, Dolly Parton received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine, which Dolly partially funded with a $1 million donation last year. 

Vanderbilt Health tweeted their thanks to the darling of Country Music saying, "Dolly’s generous support helped fund early research at Vanderbilt Health into what is now a vaccine that’s helping bring an end to the global COVID pandemic. We can’t thank her enough for her support."

Seems Dolly is definitely on board with the COVID-19 vaccinations, so much so, she adapted one of her most famous hits to get the message of encouragement out there. 

We give you... Vaccine (to the tune of Jolene).

This is just glorious. 

Source: Instagram/DollyParton/VanderbiltHealth

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