Ed Sheeran thanks fans with a personal message, and a TikTok concert!

'I’m over the moon you dig it.'

Ed Sheeran dropped his new single Bad Habits on Friday, June 25,  along with the spectacular music video, which has been streamed (at the time of writing this article) over 15 million times.

So Ed gave a shout out to fans on socials, saying, 'So glad you guys love the song as much as I do. I haven’t felt this much fan love on a first single before, so I’m over the moon you dig it. More announcements coming soon but for now enjoy ya weekend and bad habits out now xx.'

Ed also gave fans a special live performance of the catchy, new single on Tiktok! 

What a man.


And... for those who haven't seen the actual music video for Bad Habits, yet... here it is. 


Source: YouTube/EdSheeran/Instagram/TikTok/Image: fan art by @ taishalupin/Twitter

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