Friends: The Reunion was everything we wanted... and more

Plus, find out which two castmates had a huge crush on each other.

We finally had our Friends fix in the ‘One Where They Got Back Together’.

Friends: the Reunion aired on Foxtel and Binge on Thursday May 27, which was a very candid, and at times, moving special.

But the biggest shock came when two of the cast members revealed they had a huge crush on each other. We're talking David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston - who admitted they had feelings for each other in the first season. AND the first time they actually got to kiss each other, was on screen in that famous scene where Ross and Rachel smooch for the first time in the coffee shop (Central Perk).


It was interesting to see how the casting of the six friends happened – with shower runners saying Ross’ character was actually written specifically with David Schwimmer in mind, Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) was cast second, then Joey (Matt Le Blanc), then Monica, with Cox almost being cast as Rachel. Chandler was a challenge, because Matthew Perry was already contracted to another show, but they finally enticed him over.
But the role of Rachel was the hardest to cast, as they needed someone to initially portray shallowness and warmth... Of course, they finally settled on the incredible Jennifer Aniston. 

There were even some memorable characters that popped up including Reese Weatherspoon, who played Rachel’s Sister, Tom Selleck, who played Dr Richard - Monica's love interest, Justin Bieber, who took part in a bizarre 'fashions of Friends' catwalk, and… Lady Gaga dropped by Central Perk to offer up her rendition of Smelly Cat with Lisa Kudrow – (aka Phoebe). 

It was a beautiful trip down memory lane, and a fabulous way to pay homage to a group of people that stole the heart of a generation, and is still one of the most viewed sitcoms in TV history, today.

So, will there BE more?

Not according to the cast.

But we are very grateful that we were given this nostalgic special to reminisce about the amazingness that was, and is Friends


And if you haven't seen it yet... it's ready to watch on Foxtel and on Binge. 

Source: YouTube/HBOMAX/ETonight/

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