James Corden totally punked David Beckham

David Beckham was to be honoured with a lifelike statue, and then this happened.

Talk show host James Corden has pulled the ultimate prank on soccer star David Beckham.

At an unveiling of an honorary statue at the LA Galaxy Stadium, Corden had set up fake actors, sculptor and film crew to punk him with a fake statue that looked nothing like him, with a huge chin and a massive butt.

So, how did he handle it? Very well, actually!

(Does anyone else think the fake statue kind of looks like Ron Perlman in his younger days?)
Image result for young ron perlman

Anyway, don't worry, David Beckham still got his proper, lifelike statue...

Source: TheLateLateShow/JamesCorden/Facebook/DavidBeckham/Instagram

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