Kit Harington admits to playing a mean prank on fiancé Rose Leslie

You know nothin' Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones, Kit Harington was a guest on The Jonathon Ross Show when he revealed he has quite a dark side, especially when it comes to April Fools day pranks on his fiancé Leslie Rose (yes, she played Ygritte in the show.)

According to the Hollywood hunk, Kit's family does April Fools every year. Rose's doesn't and one year he left his severed head in the fridge.


Well, it wasn't exactly his head, more like a prosthetic head from the amazing costume department of his successful HBO show, but still, it wasn't what Rose was expecting in to be in the fridge when she reached for the jug of water.

As you can well imagine, it didn't go down well at all, there were tears and Rose said that if he ever did anything like that again - it was over.

That's an arrow right to the heart Kit, be warned. 

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