Lisa Kudrow corrects Elton John with 'Tony Danza' lyrics

"exceptionally good but… well no “buts,” but…"

Remember last week when Ed Sheeran, Courtney Cox, Brandi Carlisle, and Elton John got together to sing Phoebe’s version of Tiny Dancer?

Let us refresh your memory.

Well, the ever-charming Lisa Kudrow (who plays Phoebe Buffay in the Friends franchise) has posted her response, correcting the singing quartet – and it is as hilarious as you would imagine. 

"That was the most thrilling thing ever... it was so good, but technically it's.. um, hold me close YOUNG Tony Danza. But, you know... what you did was great, too!"


A post shared by Lisa Kudrow (@lisakudrow)

And, if you want to see the original footage from the Friends episode. Here it is.


Source: Instagram/LisaKudrow/Teddysphotos/YouTube/IrshiGuk

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