Miley Cyrus drops music video for break-up single Slide Away

All the symbolism!!

It seems like Miley Cryus was over the party lifestyle, if the music video for Slide Away is any indication as to what went wrong in her marriage to Liam Hemsworth.

The visuals depict a huge, lavish house party, with a sad Miley walking through the trashed house, but not 'present' as the party-goers carry on around her. 

Of course, everyone has dissected and lamented over the lyrics for the break-up hit single. 

For starters, "Think I’m gonna miss these harbour lights" and "Won’t you slide away. Back to the ocean, I’ll go back to the city lights" are clear references to Liam's Aussie roots and her LA home. Plus, the line "I miss my house in the hills, don't miss the whisky or pills' alludes to how much she misses her LA home (which burnt down in the LA bush fires) but she didn't miss all the crazy partying that went along with it.

And... if you really want to get deep, at the bottom of the pool, there's a 10 of hearts playing card, which we are certain represents her 10-year-relationship with Liam coming to an end.

One fan commented on the YouTube video and wrote, "That 10 of hearts card under water at 1:23 means so deep! 10 years of love all drowned. This video is such a masterpiece!"

Yes. It is... I have something in my eye. 


Source: YouTube/MileyCyrus

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