Taylor Swift has posted a very mysterious video to her social media

First it was a social media blackout. Now this.

It looks as if the rumours of Taylor Swift releasing new music are true.

Swifty deleted all pictures and posts from her social media sites and unfollowed everyone on her lists on Sunday, she then posted this 10 second video on Monday. 

Some sort of reptilian tail.


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

 This raised the subject that she is set to release a new single... maybe this Friday?? 

So now everyone is trying to decipher the tail. Is it a snake? (Although it doesn't look smooth enough for a snake's tail to us). 

is it a reptile of some sort? Or is it a Dragon? Or is she just a mad Game of Thrones fan? Hmmmm.

The bigger hint that the post is music related was from music video director Joseph Kahn (responsible for Swift's music video's Blank Space, Out of the Woods, Bad Blood and Wildest Dreams), who retweeted her post with a smiley face.

Followed by this one half an hour later saying Taylor 'would blot out the sun as a show of power.' 

Of course this was in relation to the solar eclipse happening in the US on Monday which Taytay had chosen as the perfect time to coincide with her social media blackout and then the reveal of what may be - her sixth studio album. 

Just like the eclipse, we can't look away.


Source: TaylorSwift/Instagram/TwitterJosephKahn/Giphy

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