Want to learn how to play the solo in Bohemian Rhapsody? Well, Brian May will teach you.

This is so rock 'n' roll...

Queen's lead guitarist, Brian May has been serenading fans from his home in the UK whilst in self-isolation, and his latest request has sent fans reeling... a master class in learning the solo to Bohemian Rhapsody.

Yep, he’s giving lessons while in self-isolation.

From his home.

In boardies.  

He said, 'This spontaneously turned into a ‘Star Licks’ type tutorial ... as an experiment, really. I don’t think I’ll
Ever try to do it this way again, though - because it was ridiculously time-consuming trying to put it all up on IG ‘Stories’. Here’s a very rough potted version for posterity. Tell me how useful (or not!) it was. OK ? Bri."

What a legend... and just listen to him shred! 

Source: Instagram/BrianMay

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