Watching The Rock sing his hand washing song to his daughter is adorable!

Thank you... "You're welcome!"

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has briefly resurfaced as his animated Moana character, Maui, to sing his song ‘You’re Welcome’ to encourage 20 second hand washing with his daughter Tia.  

The song, which was a favourite in the Disney movie, was voiced by The Rock who played a mighty demi-god named Maui. This particular part of the song was the impressive 'rap' in the middle of the song.

He posted, "Before my showers now, Baby Tia (mama mia) demands I sing the rap portion of my song “You’re Welcome” from MOANA, while I wash her hands. We realized a few weeks ago that the rap portion of the song is perfect timing when getting your little ones to have fun washing their hands. Stay healthy and safe, my friends.

And gotta love how at the start of this vid, baby Tia is like, “just shut your mouth and sing daddy."

Yep. This wins the internet today! 

And for those who want to compare it to his cartoon performance... here it is. 

Source: Instagram/TheRock/YouTube/Disney

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