What has happened to The Builder on Clash of Clans?

Any Clash of Clans fans out there?

If you are a fan of gaming, you would definitely know about Clash of Clans - the virtual world you create, then battle against all types of creatures to keep it safe.

Well, there has been a shift in the village and the Clash of Clans creator's posted this heart-wrenching video of a day in the life of The Builder.

You know, the guy that basically builds your village, while others tear it down, time and time again.

But what's going on with The Builder? He's been acting strange lately...

So strange he stole the Clash of Clans Instagram password and has left the village... 

The Builder's absence has also translated over into the cult-game with the builder icon being replaced with a confused looking barbarian wearing a builder's hat.

The game play still works the same, this time, the barbarian builds all the things that The Builder used to take care of. 

So, how will this play out? Will the Builder be back? Is this all to celebrate the game's 5th anniversary?

Meanwhile, he seems to be enjoying his time way from the game, exploring the big wide world. 

Source: YouTube/ClashofClans/Instagram

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