AFL chief: "We must keep our game safe."

AFL CEO Gill McLachlan says they are not trying to prevent fans from supporting passionately.

The AFL chief was forced to address issues from over the past week where there had been a perceived to be increased in security and patrols on crowds at matches.

“We want our fans to come to the footy and be themselves. Equally, we want the men, women and children to be themselves. McLachlan said.

“No one at the AFL is trying to stop our fans being passionate.

“We must also keep our game safe and family friendly. We have been the family game, the passionate game.

“Supporters should never feel that security staff are there for any other reason than to ensure a safe day at the footy.

“We’ve all got to work together on this. Police, security and the AFL to make sure the balance is right.

“Of course, the AFL takes responsibility for its supporters.

“We have to listen to our supporters. That is our responsibility.

“I won’t apologise for footy being a safe place but we need to ensure we get the balance right.

“I apologise if the people who go along to the football to have a day out feel that they haven’t been able to do that. They feel that security in some way is impinging on them and they feel they actually are not able to be themselves.


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