AFL confirms no major law changes

The AFL is expected to make minimal changes to the laws of the game going into the 2022 season.

Interpretations for head-high bumps and all head-high contact was one of two main items discussed at Tuesday's competition committee meeting, where it was confirmed there would be no "material rule changes" for the 2022 season. 

The AFL's general manager of football Brad Scott confirmed the only changes in the game would likely be to umpire and match review interpretations, however, particularly related to head-high contact.

He confirmed the stand rule would remain in 2022, with some potential "tweaks around the edges".

"We're happy with what we saw, but we're conscious that the data set we've got, we'd like a bigger sample size and we'd like to have another look at it," Scott said.   

"We think players and coaches adjusted throughout the year and we'd like another period to look at it to see whether it's going to be a permanent fixture going forward.  


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