Gaff handed eight-week ban

Eagles midfielder Andrew Gaff has copped an eight-week suspension for the punch he landed on Fremantle's Andrew Brayshaw.

Gaff flew to Melbourne to attend the hearing and entered a guilty plea. 

AFL counsel argued the penalty should be in the 8-12 match range while Eagles counsel believed it should be in the lower range of that amount. 

During the hearing Gaff spoke of his intentions during the game. 

“I feel sick that I hit Andrew in the face,” Gaff said.

“I had absolutely no intention to hit him where I hit him. I tried to do a similar hit to what I did about 10 seconds earlier with my right arm.”

After the hearing Gaff expressed his disappointment in himself.

"I'm so sorry to Andrew Brayshaw and the Brayshaw family,” Gaff said.

“I own my actions and it really hurts a lot. The last 48 hours have been the toughest time of my life.

"I see myself as a caring, gentle and measured person.

“I am disappointed in myself. I'm disappointed to let my teammates down in a crucial period of the season. I'm disappointed to have let our supporters down as well.”


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