Smith finds key to unlock poor form

Aussie cricketer Steve Smith believes the two weeks in quarantine has allowed him to "find his hands."

Smith had a poor run of form during the IPL and the former captain says he's extremely excited by rediscovering his best asset. 

"It's taken me probably about three and half or fourth months to do it, but found them now, which is pleasing and I actually look forward to going back to the nets again this afternoon to have another hit and just reinforce it and get started again in a few days' time." Smith said.

"It's just getting that feel and the look of the bat behind my toe the right way and the way my hands come up on the bat,

"It's hard to explain, but it just hasn't quite been right until probably two days ago; I found a little something and everything just clicked in. It changes where you meet the ball to hit the ball in certain places, so just slight things and bits of rhythm aren't quite right."

Smith has had great success against this summers opponents, India scoring seven hundreds in 10-matches at an average of 84.


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