WA Police now equipped with live-stream body worn cameras

PIC: WA Police

Police officers in the Perth CBD and Northbridge are among the first to be equipped with an upgraded body worn camera that is capable of live-streaming vision to command centres and other staff.

The cameras are an upgraded version of the existing model being used by frontline officers and have the capability to live-stream vision to other police.

The upgraded camera also comes with more microphones for enhanced audio recording and improvements to GPS data and the LCD display.

Metropolitan Region Assistant Commissioner Allan Adams said the live-stream functionality was a significant advancement in body worn camera technology available to frontline officers.

“The live-stream functionality will dramatically enhance situational awareness of an unfolding incident which will better inform responding officers and supervisors,” Mr Adams said.

“This clearly enhances officer and community safety, and the live-streamed body worn camera vision can be complemented with other technology, such as vision from the police helicopter or drones.

“This technology provides improved situational awareness, officer safety and coordination of resources as Police respond to incidents and manage policing operations.”

Police Minister Paul Papalia said the rollout of the AB3 put WA Police Force at the forefront of delivering live-streaming body worn camera capability in Australia.

“It’s innovation that has the potential to save lives in the community and in our police force,” Minister Papalia said.

“For Senior Officers coordinating a critical incident, the ability to receive information from the front line in real time means resources can immediately be allocated or moved to counter threats, aid those in need, and stay one step ahead of the criminals.

WA Police Force first trialled the use of Body Worn Cameras in 2016, and after a successful trial the State-wide rollout of cameras was announced in 2018.


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