About Yourself: I used to say sitting in front of the TV watching movies, sleeping in and not doing any house work, that was me, but now I hardly find time to watch TV, If I’m not at work talking between songs, you’ll find me at the gym, the 10 pin bowling alley or socialising with mates. Plus you know I also love music. Squinty’s my name! (No my mother didn’t really give me the name, maybe one day I’ll explain it…)

Favourite Music/Artists: Metallica is my favourite of all time! Disturbed and Linkin Park as well as other Rock stuff, but I also like other stuff such as Dance and some POP.

Favourite Movies: I love a good comedy, think older Adam Sandler movies (not the new ones, they suck!). Give Me Netflix and an arvo or evening off and I’ll find something to watch!

Favourite Food: A year ago or more I would have said anything unhealthy, now I still love a good cheat meal.. (ok maybe 2..), but I’m so much happier and healthier. I would rather cook a steak, mixed vegetables and sweet potato…yum!

Favourite Fictional Character: Peter Griffin from Family Guy, he just doesn’t have a care in the world.. him or Stewie!

Hobbies: Gym / DJing / 10 Pin Bowling / Seeing good live music / Relaxing at home / Socialising with mates.

Who would you take to dinner and why: Anyone! (I’m lonely haha, that’s a joke! Or is it?).

Fuel Watch
  • 168.9: Ampol Foodary Erskine
  • 169.3: X Convenience Erskine
  • 172.9: Ampol Foodary Falcon (Miami Beach)
  • 173.9: Reddy Express Mandurah
  • 173.9: EG Ampol Falcon