Proposals for Sponsorship

Considering sponsoring a segment or show on one of your customers favourite radio stations?

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Coast Breakfast with Nikki and de Mello

We get out and about on the streets in the Coast Crew Vehicle

Coast Mornings with Paul, it's a great start to your work day

Drive Home with Squinty, while enjoying 8 Straight Songs in a row!

Friday night is not only the right night to party, but it's also a Retro Friday Night, night!

Saturdays from 10 til 2 get on board with the Old School House Party!

Our listeners will relax on a Sunday, but YOU can connect with them still

Be associated with THE HITS in the Vevo 20 Countdown every Sunday Night


The Coast Crew Activation Package is...

A consistent, cost effective way of getting your name out there... is... The Info Guide!

The Superpak is... maximum reach, high frequency, and cost effective!

We want our people to meet your people, and you can see it happen LIVE! For 4 Hours!

Book a Mini-Live Broadcast today... for 2 hours of us at your place!


There's 3 Things You Need To Know during breakfast

The Breakfast shenanigans continue with Riddle Me This!

The world can be... WEIRD, and we prove it weekdays during Breakfast!

The Boating Report for your customers out on the water

Weekday afternoons catch the 3 at 3, we know our listeners do!

The last Friday of every Month is a time to celebrate with Friday Jams

Weekdays we let our listeners (your customers) know where the cheapest fuel is with Fuelwatch

That's Not Normal? That would be the 'Game Of The Day' during breakfast

The Music Marathon non-stop music from 9 am weekdays, with only your branding! WOW!

People turn to radio first for their news and breaking information, you can too with News Sponsorship

Or you may just want your sponsorship for Breakfast News

Or Morning News...Maybe the Afternoon News is more your kind of thing?

Or you want to catch people on the way home in Drive News?

Do you and your customers love sports? The Coast Scoreboard should be your first pick!

We're community minded, and if you are too, then pick the Street Sheet!

The Surf Report with Brett Dunn... when the surf's up! We Are There Too!

Tech Daily with Andy Wells, a popular segment for first adopters and nerds like us!

PSSST!! Celeb gossip, news and more... hook up with The Coast Feed today!

Friday mornings during breakfast we catch up with Channel 9's Mark Readings for his Sports Report

5 am to 6 am who is listening? Tradies! That's why we have the popular Tradies Toolbox!

THE 97.3 COAST CARD IS... A cost effective way to reach our listeners by email, online and on-air


Join with the always popular Gunners and Ali for weekday breakfast!

Sponsor the Wave Runner and own the streets of your town! Look Out!

Or... become a part of The Drive Through with Peter Rowe from 2 to 6 pm weekdays

Monday to Thursday Night from 7, get back... way back to the 70's! Groovy!

Friday Night and Saturday from 6 pm to midnight... PARTY! Ad Free, thanks to YOU!

Saturdays from 4 pm is My Generation with music interviews and... YOU?!

Sunday Smooth.. There really is NOTHING like it from 8 am to 5 pm!

The Acoustic Sunday Session continues the vibe from 5 pm... ahhhhhhh!


The Info Guide is a consistent and cost effective way of lifting your profile.

We want to get out of the studio! We can be at your place for 4 hours! Shall we make a date?

Or maybe you can only handle us for 2 hours at your place?


Weekday Afternoons it's 3 songs from 1 artist at 3pm... and your business name is... where?

They can be creepy, quirky or strange, but they are always Random Facts from Ali

We love the water, and so do our listeners, they love the Boating Report, do you?

Celebrity Goss... hot, dreamy, and... the voices... (COUGH!) It's Celebrity Gossip with Gunners and Ali

The Community Switchboard lets everyone know whats on, are you part of it?

Your Day By The Stars with Shona Nova. Always popular, but she already knows that!

The Entertainment News is different to gossip, because it's actual news... about those we gossip about!

On This Day we find out who, what, where and when, are you a part of this?

Every 2nd Tuesday its... Spaced Out with David Reneke, Australia's Favourite Astronomer

Twice a week Gunners and Ali catch up with Channel 9 Sporting Commentator Mark Readings

Andy Wells demystifies and simplyfies the Tech News Daily on the Wave

Friday arvo's it's The Reel Fishing Spot, a regular, popular and well known segment

Breakfast News... coffee, toast, and... it's all thanks to your business!

What's the weather for today going to be? It's Breakfast Weather!

This Mornings News, bought to you by 'that' business... is it yours?

And so is this mornings weather!

This afternoons news will tell us... what?

And this afternoons weather means I'll have a cool night?

Drive News... keeps me up to date on the way home, and it's all thanks to you!

The Drive Home Weather Report... what am I wearing tomorrow?

Fuel Watch
  • 168.3: X Convenience Erskine
  • 190.9: Ampol Foodary Erskine
  • 190.9: Ampol Foodary Falcon (Miami Beach)
  • 191.9: EG Ampol Falcon
  • 199.7: Vibe Mandurah