COVID Safe App decompiled - what it actually does

We spoke with mobile expert Aaron Ardiri who broke down the COVID Safe mobile application to see if the allegations of data breaches stood up

Editorial Comment:

It's pretty easy to post and spread a lot of negativity and suspicion about a smart phone app that the state and federal government has asked us to download to help stop the spread of Corona virus with bluetooth technology and early notification.

We came across a  Facebook post by Margaret River resident Aaron Ardiri who has amongst other credits, 20 years of mobile/PDA and application experience. Aaron spent the time decompiling the program and testing to see what data is being stored (if any) and what was being sent

His post on Facebook below addresses crucial points and it has since had over 600 shares

COVIDSAFE - YES OR NO? UPDATE: I HAVE DECOMPILED THE APP AND POKED AROUND this may be a long post - but it will be...

Posted by Aaron Ardiri on Sunday, 26 April 2020


Tuesday we got Aaron on the line to have a chat and discuss his findings. Listen below:

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