Police to use drones to make announcements about social distancing and mass gathering rules

PIC: facebook.com/WA.Police/

WA Police to use drones with flashing lights, sirens and voice announcements.

These announcements will be made in public spaces such as beaches, parks or café strips, in which groups of people may not be adhering to social distancing and mass gathering rules.

The drones will be highly visible, fitted with flashing lights and sirens, similarly to that of a police vehicle. They will be capable of broadcasting a message with a range of up to 1km.

Police will be able to rapidly deploy this resource to public areas when required and significantly improve the communication coverage, compared to that of a police officer on foot.

The drones will allow the WA Police Force to continue to reinforce the serious nature of the environment we are in.

The drones will also assist in increasing the safety of police officers, reducing the potential exposure to COVID-19 carriers.

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