2021's 6 Basic Rules For Every Business

This year, is certainly better than last year, but what should every business do to keep on top of what has been a very trying time around the world?

Well today we answer that question with 6 basic rules for every business in 2021.


No matter what business you are in – pay attention to your particular segment of the market AND be curious about how it relates to you. That also means paying attention to your customers. To the current trends. To social media and the media in general. Become obsessed with the question of “WHY?” Then adapt what it is you do, and move forward.

Why did this or that happen? Why what we prepared for didn’t happen? Why it is customers ask that question and not others?

‘Why?’ allows you to be alert, letting you move forward while being prepared.

RULE 2 – Find, Build and Retain Your Dream Team

Absolutely nothing happens in isolation. Build your team with the right people who question, who have the skills and who have a common target that makes sense to them. If your people understand their place, and what contribution they bring, they can move mountains for you. Having a vision is worthless unless your team knows that’s where they are heading.

Talent, motivation, commitment and vision makes people give the best of themselves to help build your business.

RULE 3 – Challenge yourself and your team

Remain humble at all times, challenge yourself, and when you fail – admit it. When you achieve some success, it’s not all down to you – it’s your team that did the hard lifting for you.

Always strive to improve and to do better. Always seek to educate yourself, and your team. Find out where you are falling short and how you can fix the problem.

RULE 4 – Your Standards should be UP there!

Your personal standards should be set high. Be demanding on yourself to reach those targets. By setting that example, you are the example to your team.

A title does not give you the right to respect. Your position is something you have earned. You need to continually earn your team’s respect. Set a vision. Explain it. Involve your team. And, on a daily basis, listen to them, share the victories. Most importantly… share the high standards you want to achieve and why.

RULE 5 – Be the one who delivers the unexpected value.

While your customers can be more and more demanding, the economic times tougher, and the work environment can be difficult at times… you need to move, and look beyond that. Deliver small, shock and awe moments to create an impact with customers, and staff, and you will gain loyalty from both.

RULE 6 – Take it Slow…

As with any decision, weigh the pros and cons. Knee-jerk reactions will always lose you money. Think about your decisions in the long term. Is this investment of your time and money going to work for you… or is it a fashionable decision that you are making, a spur of the moment idea? Every decision you make is an investment in you, and, your company’s future.


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