5 Frequently Asked Questions About Radio Advertising

Radio advertising has never been easier for small businesses, but sometimes we hear the same questions from new or prospective clients, here are 5 common questions and their answers:

Why Radio?
Radio helps your business be at the right place at the right time in a prospective customers lives and mind. You want to be top of mind with your customers while they’re on the go, getting ready to make their next purchase. Radio reaches a staggering 80% of adults in Australia every week, and because of that, there is no better way to advertise your product, service, or event to your customers - who are our listeners. 

How do I Create a Radio Ad? 
We ask that you write down a couple of bullet points about your product, service, or event, and our expert copywriter will put it together in script form. It will then be massaged and written into a script format, and you and our copywriter will go back and forth until you are happy with the resulting script. Once approved, the script it is sent off to be voiced using a professional agency voice. It is then produced up locally here in Mandurah by our trained staff, and then it's ready to run. 

What’s an Ad Impression?
An impression refers to an individual person's exposure to an advertisement — for audio, you can think of an impression as an estimated listen. It is similar to what digital and online marketers call an impression, but with audio you know someone will have heard it, online - people can scroll past it, in a paper people can simply flick past it or not see it if they are looking at a different page and on TV they can mute it - on radio our ads are un-skip-able, and they make an impression with people.

How do I Pick a Weekly Budget?
The minimum budget will vary depending on the package that you select, how many stations and the amount of times your commercial is repeated (that's what we call the frequency of ads that you are buying).

Keep in mind, if you select the lowest possible budget you won’t reach as many customers because your ad will run fewer times. This is because a lower budget results in fewer impressions and the more impressions your ad generates ultimately increases the number of customers who hear your ad, as well as the number of times.

For this reason, radio campaigns that have larger budgets or longer schedules generally yield better results.

Selecting a medium budget and scheduling your campaign at least 10 days ahead of the start date is a good way to ensure your ad has access to enough time on air to maximize delivery and reach your impression goals.

How Soon can my Campaign be on Air?
As soon as you choose your campaign, our team of experts can create compelling audio for your business. Most times we can have your ad ready to run within 24 hours. Although we can get your ad on-air fast, we recommend scheduling your campaign at least 10 days ahead of the start date whenever possible to ensure you reach enough people to get a result, and the more time you have to get your commercial written - the better the results will be as our expert copywriter really knows how to write to achieve results for you!

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