A Master Guide Checklist to Essential Marketing in 5 Steps – Step 1

As business owners and managers we all want to sell, make money and grow.

How you do this, including how you market yourself to make the sale will sometimes work, and sometimes won’t… why? Most of the time it's because your message may be confusing or not clear enough.

This checklist can help to make sure you have covered the MOST important steps, the nuts and bolts if you will, to create marketing that sells, no matter what medium you are using…


What Is Your Unique Selling Point? DEFINE IT!

While your number one goal is to sell or promote your product or a service, you need to give people a reason to buy from you, you need to define your unique selling point - or USP.

Write down what it is that you offer that is different or better than what your competitors are offering (it could be based on price, product quality, team members, or your production process):


Have you worked with any trusted groups, well-known brands, or people who will allow you to mention them in your marketing?

If so, who?:


Do you have great product or service reviews or testimonials that you can refer to when you come to create your marketing?


What does your company stand for (values or beliefs)?

Write this down:


What MAIN purpose does your company have?

Write this down:


What top three goals do you want your marketing to achieve for your brand this year?

1) _______________________________________________________________

2) _______________________________________________________________

3) _______________________________________________________________


And that's it - you have covered the most important ideas behind your businesses Unique Selling Point. You now need to take a hard look at this list and find the one (or two) thing(s) that stands out as being the most important to your clients - not to you. And that is your USP.

Next time we will cover: Market Research, then Choosing the Right Medium for your Message, Structuring Your Message, and finally Polishing Your Message before you Present it.


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