Appreciate Your Staff & Your Customers

Have you ever thought of creating a "Customer Appreciation Day" or even a "Staff Member Appreciation Day"?


Well, doing so can help to create a stampede of happy customers to your business. 

Don't believe me?

Customers love to be appreciated…
They love to be recognized…
They love to to be loved by the employees and the owner-manager where they shop…
Customers really love something free…
Customers love a discount…
Customers will tell their friends about your up-and-coming customer appreciation day… 

Word of mouth gets around quickly, especially on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook 

…PLUS, tie it in with radio mentions on-the-day, and they all help to create a stampede of happy customers coming right in to your bricks and mortar business.

A customer appreciation day could be tied to a birthday or anniversary special or just simply because you like the idea of attracting new people, or regulars in for that little bit extra.

The real idea is to not only thank your regular customers for their loyalty to you and your employees, but also to thank them for their support in the good and bad times. Also it helps to boost morale of your staff, your customers, and maybe - if it's big enough, your community. 

Really though you are creating an ongoing and personal relationship with your customers so they do business with only you!

This is what is commonly called "relationship marketing" and at its best, it will  strengthen the relationships you already have with your staff, and your customers…and new customers will follow.

Next time we cover how you can make this work for any size business, be you a solo operator, or a small to medium to large business.

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