Are YOU Thinking Too Small?

Do you feel you are not making any progress in your business? 
Or are you just starting out, but don't know where and what to do?

Firstly - let's have an honest look at just 2 other mediums (there are so many more including television, cinema advertising, google ads, billboards, etc - but you will get the point with just 2 examples):

If you spend your money on a Facebook ad - you get numbers back (yay for numbers!) from them... "Let's see... I paid $1,000 and had 3,000 views of my ad, but only 3 people clicked through and 2 of them actually bought something - but 3,000 people saw it - maybe my offer wasn't what they wanted, maybe my offer wasn't good enough, maybe the first 3 seconds (which Facebook counts as a view) isn't appealing enough, or is appealing enough? Maybe not everyone who needs my product or service is on Facebook? Maybe... maybe..."

And print... "I paid the same as my Facebook advertising, $1,000 and the paper says that it is distributed to all the households in the region, that's 37,300 households, and... I had 1 person come in and buy something, I wonder.... maybe a lot of households don't read the paper? Maybe they missed the ad last week? Maybe, because it rained they didn't get to read it because the paper got wet? Maybe my offer wasn't good enough? Maybe they missed the ad when they were flicking through the paper... maybe.. maybe?"

So.... is your target market for your advertising too small? Are you stuck in the mindset that only people in Rockingham, Cockburn, Kwinana, Mandurah, Pinjarra or wherever you are... are only those people interested in what you have to sell?


With everything that has happened in the past couple of years - you need to think beyond your minds geographical border and reach outside there to make your business grow. But how do you do it?

Is your budget too small? You don't need a million dollar budget, but you do need to be realistic. The reason why other mediums might be cheap, is because they don't have the reach, they don't have the repetition, they don't have any engagement with potential customers. 

Open your mind and your ears, when was the last time you heard the radio? A radio? Any radio?

Was it this morning when you woke up to your radio alarm clock and listened to the breakfast show?
Was it when you were preparing breakfast or when you drove the kids to school and one of the kids tried to call to enter a competition, or you were told about traffic problems on the way to work?
Was it at the coffee shop before you got to work today?
Was it at work today where it was being streamed?
Or in the workshop? In that car that just drove past you?
Or in your car on the way to the lunch bar or cafe, where they also had the radio on?
Maybe on the way back home while you heard the news and the traffic report?
Or was it at the shopping centre where the radio was playing?
Maybe it was on the weekend when you listened to a particular show you like?
Or was it when you decided it was time to unwind so you would listen to the radio at night?

The number of times you heard the radio gives you an indication of your listening habits - and there are people out there who rely on their radio for company, for news, for traffic, for music and for the latest breaking information about what is happening in their community, around the state, around the country and around the world. People are engaged with their radios, with call in's, website hits and, yes, even Facebook pages.

So you should advertise and market your business to them! Why?

You can reach people outside your immediate area as well as those within it.

You can reach an engaged audience who are ready to interact.

You can also take advantage of the very high frequency of ads, repeating your message multiple times in a day, or a show.

You can have an ad specifically targeted to those who need their problem solved now, or to those who need to remember your name for when they need that problem fixed in the future. And because radio is the frequency medium, the more times your ad plays, the higher the chance our listeners have of remembering the ad, and of becoming a customer of yours, if the offer is right, and they need what you have to sell now, or in the future. 

Contact us today about radio advertising and let's get you on the way to making your business bigger and better than ever!

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Are you thinking too small?

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