Because You Are Small - You Can Be Agile!

Today I cover 7 tips that any small business can do with their marketing, to find customers and generate sales - quickly!

1. Don't Copy Big Business

That's right! While big businesses advertise to create name brand recognition, and to generate future sales - your small business can't fight that unless you had a million dollar budget - BUT you can advertise and produce sales now. From including an offer in your ads, to keeping your ads current and change it when something happens. For example, (I have had this happen to me in radio) a big news story breaks on a Wednesday, you change your ad that afternoon, and by Thursday morning - it is on air. 

2. Offer a CHEAPER Version of a Popular Item.

While some customers just are not interested in paying the full price, and will do anything to get a bargain - you can offer a lower price for a stripped down version of your product or service - but people need to know that this option is open to them - so let them know by advertising it.

3. Offer a PREMIUM Version of a Popular Item.

Other customers might not care to have the cheapest, they want the best - best quality product and a premium, more comprehensive service either sold separately or as a package deal at a premium price. Angain though, how do people know that you have this option available?

4. Do Something UNUSUAL + Unique to Generate Sales!

Unconventional marketing methods are best when no one else is doing it. For example, if your competitors are doing 30 second ads - do 15 second spots.

Flip It! This is one of my favourite things to do - if they have a packed script voiced by a 'shouty man', then you should use a female voice with a minimal script.

Or do something totally different. Giveaway a product that no one else has ever given away to drive traffic to your store or website, this generates leads for your sales team, and increases your visibility on social media - and of course - you should also advertise to let people know about it.

5. Trim & Edit Your Ads.

If you are doing print - reduce the size of your ads, and instead run multiple ads, or shorter ads to generate interest. You might even be suprised that smaller, shorter ads can actually generate more business when done right.

6. Network with Other Businesses and do Joint Promotions.

Local non-competing business often join together to do co-op marketing. Doing so not only increases your market share, but also helps to advertise the area. I have seen this done with all of the businesses on a street, in a building or in a suburb. Alternately - you could advertise your business, in their business, and have their advertising material in yours.

7. Your Customers!

This may not be something new to you - but because your customers already know you and trust your products and services - it is easier to get more business from them than it is to generate new business. By creating special deals just for them - or giving them access to new products and services before anyone else, you can use their testimonials to help announce their launch.

You could also incentivize your existing customers to help generate new business for you. By endorsing you to their friends, you can offer both something - a discount to the new customer and a free product or service to your existing customer (depending on product cost of course).

And that's it for today - 7 ways to be agile, be faster and work smarter.

Why not talk to us if you want to follow up on some of these ideas for your business, call (08) 9581 2666.

Until next time - stay safe!

Fast and Agile - YES - Because we are small and we can!

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