Do I Have To Say This VS I Have To Say This

Let me explain why I think you should, and shouldn't say certain things in your radio commercials.

Here is something you shouldn't say... “Come to BOB's open day, on Tuesday 21st of November Twenty Seventeen from 9 to 5”

Okay then...

Well, number one, I am so glad you said the year. I thought it might be NEXT year. Or perhaps I’d missed the event itself, so you can drop the 2017.

Secondly, you say it's an 'Open Day' so naturally the event will be during your normal office hours, so you can also drop the time 'from 9 to 5'

That gives us back 6 words!

Here's another one for you to consider... “Come to our store and buy your next pair of shoes from BOB's Shoes… or call 9 5 8 1 2 triple 6”

I have, on many occassions written why I think phone numbers (unless they can easily be remembered, are a waste of time in commercials, why? Because no one remembers them! They’re also a waste of time if people don’t buy your product over the phone! BUT they can call you to organise a service - so repeat the number OR make it an easy one to remember, or better yet - list your website, which brings me to the next waste of time...

"www dot"? Seriously? Really? What year is this? Do you type in the www. into your web browser?

It's a waste of time you can immeditly give yourself back 4 words with "w w w dot" being removed from your website name.

And finally here's this one... “BOB's Restaurant… open every day from 12 ’til 3 and evenings 7 ’til 11.”

Number one with this one is  that you have told me your open when you think that people want to eat.
This is another waste of time, tell me instead why my lunch break should be spent at BOB's Restaurant!
Better yet! Tell me I can download a voucher for a free desert… and put your opening hours on THAT if you have to!

As a business owner, you can reasonably expect the listener to fill in these missing details in your commercial, then, instead spend the time (and the word count that you have saved yourself) to entice the listener into doing BUSINESS with you.

Until next time... keep on selling!


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