Totally Free - Track Your Advertising Excel Spreadsheet

For those of you who gave me feedback before we turned on the comments on the blog - cheers and many thanks.

What I have done for you is to create the "Tracking Your Advertising" sheet.
I went a little over and above what I was offering originally, but hopefully you will be able to use it in any form of marketing and advertising.

You will find the Dropbox document -HERE- hit the download arrow on the right of the screen to download to your computer, then modify and add your logo to the FORM FOR STAFF page.

Simply type in the data you get from either clients (see the FORM FOR STAFF page) or from your website from Facebook, and other social media. Then you will be able to see at a glance the impact of a campaign… how… enter that data into this spreadsheet and the charts and numbers will automatically adjust your data for easier reading.

You can then save these charts as pictures and use them in presentations to internal stakeholders or to simplify your decisions to pursue an opportunity in the medium that you want to.

This template will allow you to track the following 6 things:
1. Your Total Reach of all of your marketing
2. The total activity reach by Channel
3. Your total seasonal activity you have generated
4. The number of marketing generated customers by their source
5. Your total number of customers generated by marketing
6. The percentage of customers generated by marketing

You might discover once you have entered your data that seasonally you have more activity from one particular medium than another. You might discover that although you thought you get most of your business from one medium or another that in reality, you don't!

There is a HOW TO USE THIS TEMPLATE page, a FORM FOR STAFF page, a place to enter your data in the ALL CUSTOMERS, then the ALL MARKETING REACH page where you put your information from other sources.

Garbage in equals garbage out - so if you don't put the right information you have gathered in the right field, your results will not be accurate.

This template is offered to clients of the Blog For Clients (find it at in an as-is condition. It has been checked for viruses, etc and errors within formulas. We cannot be held responsible for the miss-use, incorrect data input or any errors that may occur once this template is used outside of our control.

This template is meant as a guide only to try to help your decision process and track your advertising and marketing of your business.

It is by no means a substitute for a professional method, or a company who can do a much more comprehensive job of tracking your advertising.

It is designed to give you some basic insight into the marketing and promotional activity your business, and we are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this template. AND... No animals were harmed in the making of this document.

If you have any questions, please post them below.

Cheers and see you next time.


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