From The War Room to Your Lieutenant M.A.C.

One of the most difficult tasks our butcher friend had was to try to coordinate promotional activities, even when he had just one single store, now with 18, it’s even harder. He couldn’t hire a marketing or promotions person, or agency to coordinate everything so he designated one of his staff to become his “Lieutenant MAC

The Lieutenant Marketing Activities Coordinator was charged with the responsibility of:
Communicating any and all marketing activity to all staff, to make sure they were all across the material, and knew what was to be expected when people came in.
To communicate from the front counter people back to management what problems, failures, and successes were being had with the promotion.
So that no “Chinese Whispers*” occurred, all promotions were to be mapped out on paper, and given to each staff member.
To manage and administrate all activity during a promotional period.
*Chinese Whispers is a childhood game where a piece of information, or phrase is passed from one child to another down a line, then the final person in the line repeats the phrase that they heard. It is never, ever the same as the first phrase.

If your Lieutenant MAC is someone who is already employed by you doing other duties, you will have to lighten their workload so they can spend at least 50% of their time working on promotions and marketing activities, during and before a promotion.

Don’t expect them to be able to do both – they will not be able to do it. There is so much tactical planning and manoeuvring involved that they will have their hands full. This also means that you can think about other matters while your Lieutenant MAC concentrates on the job at hand.

One workplace cycles this job between workers – as they all share the responsibility in different areas, the promotions they run never cross those areas – freeing up instead one other person to promote an area not in their normal duties.

A great idea if you have limited staff, and want to run a promotion (and get tied down in it). Pass it along your chain of command to your Lieutenant MAC.

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