How You Perceive Your Ad?

OK - so if, in physics, a plane of existence is described - it should be a reality that is the same for all of us - right?


Because: When 2 people are in a room together... one person can be cold, and the other hot?

It is the perception of the universe that makes all the difference - and the same can be said for your advertising.

While some people may say that it is their 'opinion' that the room is too hot or cold, it is still their opinion - and they can be either right, wrong, or both, or none of them.

Advertising may be the ultimate downfall of physics because it doesn't affect the physical reality of the world - yet it has an affect on the mind of people. This is also why the smallest of minded people say that they are unaffected by advertising as they drive their branded car, while wearing branded clothing, watch 'their' news, and listen to 'their music' - no effect at all?

If you hear an ad - any ad - and it has no affect on you - is it a bad ad? Is it a good ad? 

It depends - are you the target market for that ad? Or are you then one who is having the ad produced for you to sell your products and services?

Someone who is paying for the ad wants results - someone listening to that same ad wants a solution - maybe not now, but the may do eventually.

So are you the best person to judge the effectiveness of your ad?

It depends, doesn't it? 

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