Hurry Up & Fail OR... Take Your Time and WIN!

Today we are going to have some friendly advice on 2 ways to stay motivated about your Marketing to get the maximum marketing success you can! If you are doing this already then you deserve a massive "Thumbs Up" already.
“You can hurry up and fail, or, you can take your time and WIN!”
I’m not sure where I heard that quote; But I do love it! 
When you are planning, or doing any marketing and promotions, it is very hard to stay motivated. Especially when you are doing it wrong! From the outset you may already suspect that it isn't going to work. When that happens STOP!
I find it particularly relevant to think of this example: at the start of the new year, in January there is always (and I do mean always) people hitting the gym doing their best at “hurrying up to fail” trying to reach unobtainable goals, and they pretty much drop off to nothing by the end of January having accomplished nothing but a lot of pain for themselves.
Have you ever run a promotion like that? When everyone from your staff to your customer run out of steam so quickly that you wonder why you even bothered?
To try to ‘crush it’ and make the promotion and marketing experience something that will work, and, keep you and your staff motivated then you need to do something different.
What I am talking about is the daily habits that you may already have, or you may know of but never put into practice. 
We all know of a business that is successful at their promotions. You notice them, and see what they do and wonder how can they do that? How do they do what they do to achieve their goals? What practices do they use?
Well, I’m about to reveal the two steps that they take to keep themselves motivated and make their marketing work:
STEP #1 Business' who do well with their marketing "are accountable"
That means that they are accountable to themselves, their staff and most importantly, to their customers. 

In our gym example, there are those who say to themselves that they simply 'don't have the time' to even start the first steps of getting fit. They are probably the same business who never take the first steps  to start advertising and promoting to grow their business.

The thing is: Successful businesses will not accept this as an excuse, they are and will be accountable for making any promotion work! So everyone is on exactly the same page, and everyone knows how this will work.

STEP #2 Have and know how to use the "right tools for the right job"
This may sound a bit confusing, but... those businesses who succeed, know the steps that the need to take on a day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year basis.

Those steps all are targeted specifically to achieve their goals, and they know what they need to do to get there. They plan ahead.

And also they plan just in case they may need to change, they know what to do if they need to change, and how to continually educate themselves, their staff, and also their customers about what it is that they have on offer if a change does occur.

They use multiple ways to get their message out, and make sure that their target audience, and staff knows exactly what they are doing.

SO: You need to know what realistic expectations you can expect from any promotion or marketing effort you are going to be doing. If you are doing only one or two things, then expect small results. Do a lot of things that have the same message, and expect HUGE RESULTS!

Plan, and know what tactics you will need to have in place. Set it down in black and white. There is no grey area. No half measures. No going in with something, even just one thing, just to see if it will work.

It is either all in, or nothing. Once you are committed, you are committed.
Only then will you succeed and deserve a great big huge: "THUMBS UP!"

Until next time... Keep on Selling! Earl Pilkington


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