I'm Sorry I Can't Hear You...

Here is a sad tale of a business which doesn't get it...

Imagine the scene - you are a customer looking for a small gift. You go to a store that you know stocks that gift.

As you approach the store you can hear some music playing, rather loudly - and it's dance music - not really matching the look, or feel of the store (as it does sell home-wares).

Upon entering, your ears are assaulted by the constant "doof, doof" of a pounding bass - all of the teenage female workers are bopping along to the song.

You watch as several other people enter the store (average age of about 45+), 4 turn and leave immediately shaking their head. Some of the others do a quick walk around the perimeter of the shop and then leave, all while walking very fast and not really looking or stopping to browse.

The staff did notice the customers, but do not approach them - or - turn the music down.

But because you now have the item, you approach the counter.

You hand the item over, and have to shout to the person serving you that you think the music is just a bit loud.

They can't hear you, and proceed to put your item through and try to tell you the price. It is at this point you decide to give a lesson on how loud their music is.

You indicate that you can't hear them, and as you can't see the final total on the register you just shrug. They then proceed to get angry and turn the register total display to you and say the amount.

You then hand over your card to pay (and because you are being a devil) don't tell them what account - you just wait.

They finally get the message and turn it down to ask what account - which you say - and then before you can comment about how loud the music is - it goes back up again.

You may think that this is a one off experience. It’s not!

This is a regular thing at this store, and it doesn’t matter what time of the day, or what day it is – the music is constantly loud and totally inappropriate – I can only guess that since the new young manager took over, the numbers in this store would be regularly dropping.

Why is it that they don’t get it?

Lack of training. An appropriate set of guidelines or rules for the type of acceptable music? Or maybe just some common sense? Or lack of it.

At first I thought that it was just the staff miss behaving while their manager was away from the shop – but now I have seen the manager in there with them, carrying on like one of the gang, being a friend rather than being a manager.

So, my question is to you – small business owner’s of the world:
“If you play music inside your store – is it appropriate, acceptable in volume, and are your staff sensitive to the needs and requirements of your customers?”

What do you think - am I right or am I wrong?


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