Jargon Buster: Sponsored

A sponsored ad is one that is usually played next to, before or after a segment such as: horoscopes, weather, or traffic, specialty segment (eg: when it is tax time), or a specific show starting or ending.

It can take the form of either a credit line, such as "Your daily Star Guide bought to you by XYZ Company" or as a straight commercial played just before or after the segment.

As such, sponsored ads are the way to go for anyone seeking to deploy a more subtle approach for their marketing initiatives, such as gaining ownership of a show or segment that listeners will commonly listen out for.

The most exciting aspect of this is that it guarantees advertisers the first spot in the commercial break, that means you can reach a broad base of customers before they even contemplate of changing stations or shutting down the radio after the sponsored event.

And the more frequent the segment, the more association and brand name recognition can be gained, such as  “news brought to you by XYZ Company.”

Linking your business name with a segment that is associated to your industry, or just a popular segment will have a knock on effect of gaining more name brand recognition.

We play a huge variety of different segments targeting different needs of listeners, and different industries that can be sponsored, if you want to know more... call us on (08) 9581 2666.


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