Jargon Buster: Testimonial

A testimonial is one of the top ways to convey your message to our listeners, by using a customer of yours who already has a preference and a positive story about your business.

It is a unique style of commercial where a real account of how your businesses product or service has improved the life of that customer.

It is real, believable, and, relatable to real life experiences.

As humans, we trust what someone tells us, the word of mouth from a personal recommendation is coded into our brains as one that is worth considering.

In turn, we will then believe a personal recommendation over 'ad-speak' the majority of the time when used in commercials.

By allowing customers of yours to be the spokespeople for your business, you increase your position in listeners minds.

Put simply... Testimonial Ads, work.

Just ask us. Call (08) 9581 2666 to find out more, and ask our sales team about seeing their testimonials!



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