Jargon Buster: The Jingle Ad

A jingle ad uses music or sung lyrics as jingles to pass on its message.

It has been long acknowledged that there is a strong connection between music, lyrics and memory (that explains why I can remember a song and lyrics from 1974... now!).

Therefore, it is also one of the most memorable ways to create a unique ad.

To do so is to come up with a jingle that not only reflects your business, but also will stick in peoples minds.

It was originally explained to me when I first started in radio as: "A properly produced jingle introduces a sense of professionalism into your brand while at the same time fostering its recognition by the listening audience, imparting a vibrant picture of the business in the mind of the listener."

As a result, the audience often will find itself humming to a given jingle randomly, or subconsciously along with it.

Jingle ads are among the most successful ways that a brand can communicate its presence to the audience, don't believe me?

Think of these current ads with jingles we play on air at the moment:

* Ceramico (an Abe's Audio produced jingle that really sells its message) "You should go to Ceramico"

* Bedshed (hint... "No ones better in the bedroom")

* Tyrepower (hint... "Get the power!")

* Harvey Norman (a long term and long identified jingle music bed and tag line) "Go Harvey Norman"

There are a lot of them, and they work. People remember the tune from the Jingle, they remember the words from the jingle, and they remember the business name attached with it.

If you want to know more about using Jingles, just ask us... call (08) 9581 2666


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