JOBS IN RADIO - Promotions

Our stations Promotions Department consists of 1 person, actually... 3... no wait - 10? It's kind of hard to say, let me explain:

We have a Promotions person who is responsible for organising the promotions - but sales sell the promotions first, and we have promotional staff who do things like live crosses, outside broadcasts, and more - plus the on-air jox are involved with the promotions too - as is our copywriter, and our producer... and also our music programmers, and our digital department - in fact... you could say that promotions is everyone who works at the radio station!

You have to be very time aware and work ahead in promotions - sometimes looking 3 to 6 months ahead and know what is coming up - what is being released when (movies and music, both songs and acts coming to the state) and also what events are coming up that each station could be involved with.

PLUS a promotions person has to work with the day to day problems of making sure prizes are in for people to win, promotional giveaways for the vans are available, and all of the equipment for any promotional activity outside the station is in working order.

Not to mention knowing who to contact, where and when something needs to be done and organised.

A lot of time management skills, negotiation skills and interpersonal talent is needed to make sure that the station, the business, or event (product or place) are promoted correctly. Plus they have to produce reports, and detailed analysis of promotions after they have finished.

Also, our promotion staff is the usual way that people can get a start in radio as they get to spruke the radio station during a cross, get to talk on-air and also promote themselves. We have quite a few staff on station here who all started out as promo staff and have worked their way up and into the business full time.

So basically, that is it for this series.

Some of the jobs in radio that we have covered... you may not have thought of.

Next week we return to our usual blog posts... until then - stay safe!


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