No Matter Where You Are Advertising... You're NOT Buying An Ad, You ARE Buying An Audience!

The headline is correct, no matter where you are advertising your business, from signage out the front, to running an ad in any medium - you are NOT buying an ad, NO - you are buying an audience.

From people driving past your business on their way somewhere, who may choose to stop.

AND for example: If you are advertising online, say on Social Media alone (see the graph below) you may be missing your audience all together...

(JAN 2022 -

Thus if you are advertising on social media to people aged 45+, you are missing your target audience.

If you are advertising however on radio, you are not buying an ad to run, you are investing in the access to the market of people we have listening.

For example, access to the 97.3 COAST FM market is: Young families with many mums and young children in the car - in the car listening is HUGE on the Coast for drop off and pick up at schools, under 40's, enjoying 90's, 00's and the latest music, spending on their families, their first home, holidays, cars, and the outdoors.

And access to 91.7 THE WAVE market is: 50 plus audience, enjoying 70s, 80s, 90's music that they mainly listen to in the mornings and during their work day, they have money to spend, are second or third home owners, grandparents and are working professionals who still have working years ahead of them, and they have discretionary funds available to spend.

And as a truly independent station, Coast FM and The Wave are seen as a credible news source - they trust us to deliver breaking information when they need it, not that night at 5 or 6 when the TV news goes to air. Our stations are a place where their favourite music is played, they have formed relationships with the on-air talent over a long time (we haven't changed our on-air staff for many, many years).

Investing in radio advertising gives you access to these audiences, and we have different times of the day, and days where different audiences listen, so, again... if you are targeting for your business the 25-45 year olds who like to party, then afternoons and nights might be better for you - or even better still is the Acoustic Sunday Session for that end of week wind-down crowd.

Call (08) 9581 2666 and ask us to help target your specific audience on the radio!

Who are you targeting with your advertising?


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