Other Blogs You Should Read or Websites You Should Visit

Today we take a look at blog sites and websites that may be of interest for you.

They are in no particular order and I have also included some sites that I visit on a regular (sometimes daily basis) that may help you and your business.

If I don't have the correct links in-place - then please let me know and I will update them as soon as I can.

Government and Chambers of Commerce and Industry:

The Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry - HERE - Facebook HERE - LinkedIn HERE
The Rockingham and Kwinana Chamber of Commerce and Industry - HERE - LinkedIn HERE
The Small Business Development Corporation (Blog) - HERE
Keep up with the latest Western Australian Government Covid developments - HERE

Inside Small Business Magazine (Australian) - HERE
Entrepeneur Magazine (USA) - not only a great read, the website has resources, a blog and more! Find it HERE

Website Blogs:
Love him or hate him - there's 'Kochies Business Builders' - HERE
I am a BIG fan of the 'FLYING SOLO' website and have been reading it for YEARS! - HERE
'Dynamic Business' is a great site with loads of updates about what is happening in small and medium sized business news - HERE
'My Sassy Business Blog' is a very eastern states centric read, but useful all the same - HERE
'The Australian Small Business Blog' is a great place to get feedback from other business owners. Find it - HERE

Useful Websites:
You have to check out the 'Docushop' website - they have every form you think you ever will need and more - HERE
'Hubspot' is fantastic for resources, articles and more - HERE
'TrustPilot' is a great site that I have only recently become a fan of - great for evaluating vendors, and the competition - find it HERE

5 STAR Brilliant Blogs:
Our blog has to be the first one, but as you are already here reading it - well, you already know it - so bookmark it now!
I read Seth Godin's blog every chance I get, even re-reading posts from before can inspire you - see it - HERE
One of my all time favourites is the amazing 'Duct-Tape-Marketing' Blog - find tips, resources, freebies and more HERE

Social Media:
Find us on 'LinkedIn' and connect with us today! Find us - HERE

If you are a stats and data nerd like me:
Then 'KISSMetrics' is the place to visit on a regular basis, find it HERE
And of course there's the 'Australian Bureau of Statistics', useful for insights - HERE

And finally:
I have to put up 'TED.com' as I can easily find something to watch here that will educate, inspire and drive me to do more - HERE


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