Planning Your Appreciation Day Event...

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Planning a successful Customer or Staff Appreciation Day will decided primarily on how simple or extravagant you want to make it.

You can quickly be ready, and setup 7-10 days before the day for a small event. 

Larger extravagant events, of course, need to be set up months in advance, and require quite a bit of planning and forethought.

Here are six of my top tips to keep in mind during your planning and setup…
1.    If you have specific times and days (Saturday from 12noon to 4pm or Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am to 4pm) make sure everyone knows by...
2.    Advertising your event in-house, and outside, on radio, and everywhere you can afford to do so, and don't forget posters, flyers, word-of-mouth to your customers, social media, and most importantly, that your employees know all of the details to pass-the-word to your customers. Or you could book an Outside Broadcast from the radio station, and have them draw people in all day to your premises.
3.    Do an email to your current clients also informing them of the day, hours, and what to expect, as a text only message - don't send a picture or pdf attached - people are weary of opening anything that might be a trojan virus in disguise.Do this before, and on-the-day, and also post all of the details on your website.
4.    If you can, send SMS text alerts on-the-day to your customers, this can be done relativley cheaply, and really works!
5.    Why not also write a press release for the local media outlets…don't forget to also let your industry magazines and associations know too, and, most importantly... 
6.    Have extra staff, inventory, giveaways just in case you become so busy that you are in danger of running out, this will ensure that everything runs smoothly.
The nuts and bolts of running an Appreciation Day of any type is very simple, and don't forget that doing so will create a quick way of getting a stampede of happy customers to your business – at any time of the year and for any occasion.

Also, this may be the perfect moment to begin that ongoing personal relationship with your customer's both old and new.

Doing all of these things that we have covered in this four part series will all lead to happy customers who will return, again and again.

Have your own story of an Appreciation Day? Then please, let us know, post the details below.

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