'Should' You Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet?

While 'to do' lists are designed to keep you on track and give you simple goals to achieve - what they do (at least to me) is to remind you of what you 'should' be doing, for example:

You SHOULD get this done before you go to lunch, or go home for the day.
I SHOULD tidy my work area before I start any work today?
I SHOULD find away to drive more business, attract more business... but I don't have time!
SHOULD I write the next lot of blog posts so I don't have to rush and get it done at the last minute (GUILTY!) ???
I SHOULD spend more time with my family!

It can be demoralizing if you don't get on top of your 'to do lists' - so my solution...
Call them... My "I CHOOSE TO DO lists".

The reason why is it is a choice to do something, actively choosing to do that one thing makes all the difference.

Rather than leaving things to do ONE DAY - by choosing to do it today, and act on it - you rip off the bandage and get results - you know its the right thing to do. After all a "SHOULD" is an excuse. don't make excuses... choose to get it done, and get it done today!

I had a client once make this suggestion to me - Replace every 'should' in your life with either "I choose to" or "I choose not to", and believe it or not - but that simple language flip of replacing 'should' to 'choose' made a huge difference!

You make the choice - have made a decision, chosen to act - and then you see the results, and... you accept the consequences because you made that choice.

Choose to make 2022 your best year ever, by simply changing the language you use - there is no more "should" in your vocabulary, only 'choices'.

Make the choice today and move forward towards your goals instead of putting them off!


'Should' You Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet? It's Your 'choice'!


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