The 4 Levels Of Advertising And Promoting Your Business

Let's have a close look at these 4 levels of advertising and promotions, and how you can use them to tailor your marketing messages...


People don't know you exist. They may all need what it is you offer, or only 10% of them might need what you have, but none of them know your business exists. By investing in some basic advertising and marketing you will start to see some people come looking for you, your products and your services.

Unfortunately, most small businesses don't progress past this point (look around at your competition and see what they are doling right now).

The next three levels will show you how to do better than your them. 


This is the MOST important part, and very often, the scariest for most business owners (and even the big end of town don't do this often enough, so don't feel bad for not doing it). This is when you let the cat out of the bag... you are putting your unique selling proposition (ore USP) out there, front and centre, so people will choose you over the competition.

It must be compelling, it must make people say "Yes! I need that!" or "Yes I want that!". It must move people to action and make them either call, come in and hit your website for details.

How you do this is by having marketing that reflects the USP, giving them reason to buy - AND - telling them where you are! Or how to contact you!


While gaining new customers is great and help build your business... what are you doing to retain your old customers? Brining them back in with a promotion, or special offer will help.

If you don't have their details to contact them by either email, or direct mail, then the next best thing is to reach out to them where the majority of the population are... (guess what I am going to say next?) ..on radio!

By increasing the frequency of your commercials, you will not only remind old customers of who and where you are (and what you do), but also help to keep your new customers.


Making opportunities for people to come in contact with you will help raise your bottom line. For example, use holiday sales, long weekends or current events in your marketing messages helps to keep your business name front of mind - make them pay attention!

BUT, don't use bad news or events to draw attention to your business - unless you are raising money for victims, or to help charities. However, offering a deal that saves people money by way of lowering bill prices - will always be a winner.

And there you have it - using these 4 simple levels of advertising and promotions that can help to drive your marketing message home, and increase your bottom line.

If you want help lifting your business to the next level - call us on (08) 9581 2666 and we'll do the heavy lifting for you!

Until next time, stay safe.

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