The Return of The Blog For Clients!

The “Blog for Clients” is returning for weekly posts to our website.

I know… we have had a loooong absence (our last post was in... 2017!) and the world has changed a LOT since then.

To reflect that change, we have also changed our focus to concentrate on the Who, How and WHY you should market your business, or at the very least, how to plan to do so.

Keep an eye on this space and we will be back every Wednesday morning (around 9:30am) with a new post just for you, our clients of West Coast Radio.

See you next week.


Fuel Watch
  • 133.5: Vibe Mandurah
  • 133.7: Puma Mandurah
  • 133.7: Puma Meadow Springs
  • 133.9: Coles Express Mandurah
  • 133.9: Caltex StarMart Erskine